Welcome Aboard!

Can rock and roll save our souls? Let’s find out.

Mutineer is more than music in the making. It is a movement.

To “mutiny” is to rebel against a constituted authority. In our case, we believe the “authority” is a culture of complacency, celebrity, entitlement, unaccountability and vicious anonymity.

We believe we’ve been led to follow the wrong scripts. So we are starting fresh with new scripts of our own, based on accountability and positive action.

Will you join us?

Fear is firm, but love is stronger.

We can make it right.

Join the Mutiny on Twitter or Facebook if you agree.


About Mutineer

Mutineer is a rock 'n roll bucket list project. I'm working on it because I want it to exist. Rather than a call to confrontation, Mutineer is a removal of resistance and rally for accountability and self acceptance. Though the songs are long-since written, I have little idea how I'll actually get a group of musicians together and get it recorded and released properly. This site is here to document the process. If you've ever wondered about testing the laws of attraction and intention, follow along.

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