Lyric Slide: “We Started Innocently …”

As we work to bring this project to life, we’ve been sharing images with individual lyric lines from some of the songs, mostly on our Twitter and Facebook. We thought we’d post some here too, where we can say a little bit more about them.

This lyric is from the pre-chorus of a song called “Crushed.” Taken out of the context of the song, the lines are kind of fun to think about. Each of us has been led away from that yellow brick road (or onto it) at some point in our lives. Sometimes the results are good. While others …

Please feel welcome to copy, paste, send or share these slides, and your comments and feedback are always welcome.

10-24-15 - Started Innocently


About Mutineer

Mutineer is a rock 'n roll bucket list project. I'm working on it because I want it to exist. Rather than a call to confrontation, Mutineer is a removal of resistance and rally for accountability and self acceptance. Though the songs are long-since written, I have little idea how I'll actually get a group of musicians together and get it recorded and released properly. This site is here to document the process. If you've ever wondered about testing the laws of attraction and intention, follow along.

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